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Selecting the Ideal Swimming Pool Decking

beautiful pool decking

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So, you're in the process of creating your very own aquatic haven, complete with a sparkling swimming pool. Congratulations!

But before you can start doing cannonballs and poolside parties, there's an essential decision you need to make: choosing the right swimming pool decking. The pool deck is not just a place to put your sun loungers; it's the foundation of your outdoor oasis, a stage for your pool's grand performance.

In this guide, we'll help you navigate the world of pool decking and discover the perfect surface for your needs.

Why Pool Decking Matters

Before we dive into the options, let's talk about why your choice of pool decking is so crucial. Your pool deck is more than just an aesthetic feature; it serves several practical purposes:

  • Safety: Your pool deck should be slip-resistant and comfortable underfoot to prevent accidents.

  • Durability: It needs to withstand the wear and tear of pool activities and changing weather conditions.

  • Aesthetics: The deck's appearance can significantly impact your pool's overall look and feel.

  • Maintenance: Depending on the material you choose, maintenance requirements can vary widely.

  • Budget: Different decking options come with varying price tags, so it's essential to consider your budget.

Now, let's explore your options!

Concrete Decking

Concrete pool decking is a popular choice for its versatility and affordability. It can be customized to suit your style and can mimic the look of more expensive materials. There are a few options within the concrete category:

  • Stamped Concrete: This involves adding texture and patterns to the concrete while it's still wet. It can mimic the appearance of stone, brick, or other materials.

  • Scored Concrete: Lines or grooves are scored into the concrete to provide traction and a decorative element.

  • Colored Concrete: You can add pigments to the concrete mix to create various colors.

  • Exposed Aggregate: This involves exposing the decorative aggregate like pebbles or stones by removing the top layer of the concrete.


✅ Versatile and can be customized in various ways

✅ Relatively low cost

✅ Durable and low-maintenance


🚫 Can become hot under direct sunlight

🚫 May require resealing to maintain its appearance

Natural Stone Decking

If you're looking for a more luxurious and timeless look, natural stone decking might be your answer. Options include:

  • Travertine: A popular choice for its natural beauty, travertine is a type of limestone with a porous texture.

  • Flagstone: Known for its irregular, flat shapes and earthy tones, flagstone offers a rustic look.

  • Slate: Slate is durable and non-slip, making it an excellent choice for pool areas.


✅ Stunning, natural appearance

✅ High durability

✅ Naturally slip-resistant


🚫 More expensive than concrete

🚫 Requires sealing to maintain its appearance

Wood Decking

Wooden decks lend a warm and inviting atmosphere to your pool area. Cedar, redwood, and pressure-treated lumber are popular choices.


✅ Beautiful and natural look

✅ Comfortable underfoot

✅ Ideal for poolside lounging


🚫 Requires regular maintenance, including staining or sealing

🚫 Can be prone to splinters and warping

Composite Decking

Composite decking is an excellent alternative to natural wood. It combines wood fibers with plastic, resulting in a low-maintenance, durable, and attractive decking material.


✅ Low maintenance

✅ Resistant to rot, fading, and splintering

✅ Wide range of color and texture options


🚫 Higher initial cost than wood

Tile Decking

Tile decking offers a wide range of design options. You can choose from porcelain, ceramic, or even glass tiles. It's essential to select tiles with a slip-resistant surface.


✅ Numerous design possibilities

✅ Easy to clean

✅ Durable and resistant to moisture


🚫 Can be cold underfoot in certain climates

🚫 Grout can require periodic maintenance


Pavers, whether made of concrete, brick, or natural stone, are an excellent choice for a distinctive look. They are typically installed with sand or gravel in between, which allows for drainage.


✅ Variety of sizes, shapes, and colors

✅ Easy to replace if damaged

✅ Excellent drainage


🚫 Labor-intensive installation

🚫 May require regular re-leveling

Rubber Pool Decking

Rubber pool decking is an innovative option that provides excellent slip resistance and a cushioned surface. It's particularly suitable for families with children who love to run around the pool.


✅ Safe and comfortable for children

✅ Shock-absorbing surface

✅ Low maintenance


🚫 Limited in terms of aesthetics

🚫 Can be more expensive than some other options

Composite Resin Decking

Composite resin decking is a relatively new material that combines fiberglass and other materials to create a highly durable and customizable surface.


✅ Resistant to fading, staining, and damage

✅ Can be customized with various patterns and colors

✅ Low maintenance


🚫 May have a higher upfront cost

Choosing the Right Decking: A Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you have a better understanding of your options, here's a step-by-step guide to help you choose the right swimming pool decking for your needs:

1. Assess Your Priorities: Consider your budget, desired aesthetic, and maintenance preferences.

2. Think About Safety: Safety should be a top priority, so look for materials that offer slip resistance.

3. Factor in Durability: Choose a material that can withstand your pool's specific conditions and the local climate.

4. Consider Maintenance: Be honest with yourself about how much time and effort you're willing to invest in maintenance.

5. Seek Inspiration: Look at examples of pool decks you admire to help you narrow down your choices.

6. Sample the Surface: If possible, obtain samples of the materials you're considering to get a feel for their texture and appearance.

7. Consult with Experts: Don't hesitate to consult with pool contractors or experts for guidance on what might work best for your specific pool and location.

8. Get Quotes: Once you have a shortlist of materials, obtain quotes from professionals to understand the cost implications.

9. Plan for Installation: Consider the installation process and whether it's a DIY project or requires professional help.

10. Visualize the Final Look: Imagine how your chosen decking material will complement the overall design of your pool area.


Choosing the right swimming pool decking is a significant decision in your pool's design and functionality. It's a blend of practicality, safety, aesthetics, and personal preference.

By carefully evaluating your options, you can create a pool area that's not only beautiful but also functional and safe.

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